S505 XC Labino UV Blocking Glasses - Eye Protection
S400 Labino UV Blocking Face Shield - UV Eye & Face Protection

Labino UV Eye & Face Protection

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UV (Ultra-Violet) Eye & Face Protection - UV-A Light radiation is dangerous and can cause harm!

Always follow the light operating instructions, your health and safety instructions and the Optical Radiation Directive.


Labino UV Blocking Face Shield
Part No: S400

Advanced NDT Limited are pleased to introduce the new UV Face Shield from Labino. The Face Shield gives maximum protection to both the eyes and face.

2,784 possible adjustments make it unique. Through its many adjustable features, the bionic face shield gives the most comfortable fit in the industry. The Shield has got an extended top of head, chin protection and a large superior quality visor for maximum visibility. The visors are easily replaced and available in different materials, tints and finishes to better suit individual needs.


  • Incredible adjust-ability - 2784 possible wearer positions
  • Fully adjustable ratchet headgear
  • Fully adjustable headband
  • Multiple visor tilt positions
  • Extra soft cushioning on all parts of the shield in contact with the head
  • Breathable extra-soft sweatband is removable for easy washing and replacement
  • Comfortable fit with goggles or respirators
  • Locking Mechanism for more complete safety
  • Clear polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating
  • Optical quality class 1 (no distortion)
  • 99.9% UV filtration up to 385nm
  • Visible light transmittance = 92%
  • EN166


Labino UV Blocking Glasses
Part No: S505 XC

These clear lens spectacles offer 99.9% protection against ultraviolet radiation, provide optimum viewing contrast and help reduce eye fatigue. The spectacles are lightweight and fit comfortably on the face. Adjustable temples and lenses with flexible nose-piece. Extra flexible frame and easily replaceable lenses - they can be changed easily without replacing the entire frame for a longer product life and cost savings.


  • Heat Resistance: up to 130ºC
  • Weight: 31g
  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • Adjustable Frames
  • Easily replaceable lenses
  • Flexible nose-piece
  • Clear polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating
  • Optical quality class 1 (no distortion)
  • 99.9% UV Filtration up to 385nm
  • Visible light transmittance = 92%
  • EN 166 / EN 170