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High Performance UV LED Lights, UV LED Torches and UV MPXL Lights from the world renowned manufacturer “Labino”. Designed to meet various industry standards including Airbus ASTM E3022-18 & RRES 90061.
Extremely robust and portable some are even waterproof and explosion proof!


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges including miniature Thickness Testers for basic applications, General Purpose Thickness Gauges, Precision Gauges and even high speed high precision On-Line Gauges.
From manufacturers such as Dakota Ultrasonics, SIUI, NDT Systems Inc and CorDEX.


A vast selection of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors including extremely compact wrist mounted instruments for tough applications such as rope access work, high performance Flaw Detectors with full C-Scan imaging capabilities built-in, Combination devices with both Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Ultrasonic Flaw Detector in one unit and Phased Array instruments.
From Manufacturers such as NDT Systems Inc, Sonotron NDT, SIUI, Dakota Ultrasonics and Socomate.


Advanced NDT Limited also offer Ultrasonic Bond Testers from NDT Systems, Coating Thickness Gauges from Defelsko, Ultrasonic Transducers / probes and test blocks from a variety of manufacturers, Labino ALS lights / torches for use in forensic applications and fully automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems / immersion tanks from ScanMaster.

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