Labino TrAc Pack Pro - 230V - Portable UV MPXL Light - CLEARANCE ITEM
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Labino TrAc Pack Pro - 230V - Portable UV MPXL Light - CLEARANCE ITEM

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Labino TrAc Pack Pro - 230V - Portable UV MPXL Light
(Choice of Beam Profile)


  • This is a brand new, old stock item.
  • It will come supplied with a new battery fitted. 
  • This light has the same UV output etc as the current 35W MPXL models, just in an older case style.
  • One available with a choice of reflectors. FLOOD, MID or SPOT.





  • Labino TrAc Pack PRO UV lamps have unbeatable UV intensity, creating extreme excitation of fluorescent material, which makes it possible to see things, in daylight and at great distances, that was once impossible with former technology.


  • The Labino TrAc Pack PRO is a two-part lamp consisting of a luminary unit and a ballast unit (electronics and battery). There is also a Power Supply Unit (PSU) that makes it possible to operate the lamp while charging it.


  • The lamp is available in three important distinctions – floodlight, midlight or spotlight – each giving different beams and intensities.


  • The lamp obtains full power in 5-15 seconds and can be switched on and off, without the need for pre-cooling.


  • The lamp is unaffected by magnetic fields.


  • You can use the lamp outdoors, even in the rain, as the lamp is IP65 certified.


  • Labino TrAc Pack lamps are based on two key components – the Labino DUV-35 W Gas Discharge Bulb (MPXL technology) and the Labino Trigger Ballast (electronics). The interface technology between these key components creates unbeatable output performance. 


  • Manufactured in Sweden



Distribution angle (beam) approx. 45°

Irradiance ≈3 000 µW/cm =at 38 cm (15”)



Distribution angle (beam) approx. 20°

Irradiance ≈ 8 000 µW/cm =at 38 cm (15”)


Distribution angle (beam) approx. 3.5°

Irradiance ≈ 45 000 µW/cm =at 38 cm (15”)






  • Charger: 230 VAC
  • Internal Battery: 12/24 VDC
  • Input Power: 43W
  • Output Power: 35W



  • Luminary Unit: 1.2 kilos (2.6 lbs)
  • Battery and Electronic Unit: 4.4 kilos (9.7 lbs)
  • PSU: 2.3 kilos (5.1 lbs)




  • Luminary & Battery/Electronic Unit: 2.3 meters (2.5 yd)
  • Battery/Electronic Unit and PSU: 1.5 meters (1.6 yd)
  • Cigarette Lighter Cable: 1.5 meters (1.6 yd)


BATTERY (Lead Acid):

  • 12 V, 7.2 Ampere, Lead
  • Running time: 1.2 hours +/- 5%
  • Charging time: 5-8 hours
  • First time charge: 8 hours
  • Charge from mains via Labino PSU 230 VAC
  • Can be operated while charging



  • Mechanical Stability (bulb): IEC810
  • Service life (bulb): approx. 2,000 hours
  • Wavelength: UV-A, peak at 365nm
  • Start-up time: full power after 5-15 seconds
  • Material in housing: anodized aluminium, plastics PA6-30
  • The housing is via pre milled slots prepared for mounting devices
  • S, CE, ETL, cETL approved
IP65 classified, dust and temporary water jetting proof